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Candice and Sean celebrated their wedding day on August 29th, 2020 with a fun and energetic reception at the Weborg 21 Centre in Gering, Nebraska!

If you've read some of the other blog posts on this website, you'll notice that I mention either seeing my relatives at weddings or that the couple is related to me.  And, yes, this is another one of those moments.  Candice is a cousin of mine and it was 8 years ago that her sister, Veronica, booked me for her wedding, too.  Back then, when Veronica booked me, I knew the last name and wondered if we were related...sure enough, we are related!

Jump to 2020 and Candice reached out to me to see if I was available and I was so happy to let her know that I had her date available.  She mentioned to me that as soon as they were engaged, she knew that I was the ONLY DJ she wanted for her wedding, without question.  They booked and the planning was in full swing!  We met at the Weborg 21 Centre to go over the plans and she mentioned that when she told her dad that I was going to be the DJ, he mentioned how happy he was to know I was going to be there.  Candice and I talked about everything from the songs they wanted for their special dances, a few fun moments during the reception to even the napkins they wanted to use!  Yes, I'm more than just "a guy who shows up to play music" and enjoy the whole planning and setup process with weddings.

It was an honor and pleasure being their DJ and Candice was so great to work with throughout all the planning, emails, and meetings!  She was also very involved in the decor as she custom made koozies, the champagne glass etchings, and decor!!

It was wonderful working with Breanna and Heather with Rein Photography, too!

The day finally arrived and it was time to celebrate!  We kicked things off with a grand introduction of the wedding party, enjoyed a delicious dinner made by the Weborg 21 Centre, followed by some toasts, cake and cupcakes made by April Manka, special dances and lots and lots of dancing until the end of the night!!

Thank you Candice and Sean for choosing The DJ Music System for your wedding reception.  I wish you two the very best!!


Take a look at this gallery of pictures I took at their reception to see the fun moments, decor, cake, and more!