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Jaime and Troy's wedding was definitely memorable! Jaime and her mom, Denise, were so great to work with and super nice. The beginning of our experience in working together all started at the "Weddings with Weborg 21" event back in February of this year. While touring the Weborg 21 Centre and seeing what was available for Jaime's wedding, they stopped by The DJ Music System booth to talk with me about the wedding. We had an exciting conversation about their vision and Denise wanted to make sure that I was their DJ! So, we made plans to talk more after the show and see what I could do for them.

I had the date available and Denise wanted me to call her the following week after the W21 event to talk more about the details, pricing, etc. We had another great conversation about their plans and a few of the questions she wanted me to ask Jaime, so I gave her a call the next day. There was a positive vibe in talking with both of them and I was excited to have them book the date with me! Paperwork was sent, returned, deposit received, and it was official, I was going to be their DJ.

As you may or may not know, I also work at the Weborg 21 Centre, where not only do we do weddings at our venue, we also do off-site setup and decor. The Wednesday before their wedding day, our design team traveled to the Fort Laramie Community Center to decorate. Jaime, Denise, and several other family members and friends were there to meet us and help. Wow! We transformed the center to a beautiful venue with draping way up (I mean WAY up!) to the ceiling and across the center. Plus, a curtain back drop with lights and greenery and flowers for the head table, then linens and centerpieces on each table. From the travel to the time spent in Fort Laramie and back to town, it was about an 11 hour work day and totally worth every minute. Plus, Denise even provided us some lunch!! It was so nice of her to do that, too.

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Fast forward to Saturday, I traveled to Guernsey State Park in Guernsey, WY. I've never been there before but did take a look at some pictures on Google to get an idea of the area. It is a gorgeous park and if you get a chance to visit it, do! W21 also supplied the chairs, arch, and decor for the ceremony. I provided music and microphone for the ceremony and after the exchange of their vows and the pronouncement of them now being husband and wife, I packed up and went back to the Fort Laramie Community Center.

Wedding Ceremony Guernsey State Park

The reception was underway shortly after I returned there. They had dinner, cake/cupcakes, toasts, special dances, and lots of dancing for everyone until we wrapped up the night. Jaime has to be one of the most energetic brides I've ever met. Not only did she show up early on the day we arrived to decorate and help us bring in/setup decor, but during the dance part of the night, she danced more than I've ever seen a bride dance and at one point she even ran across the floor to do a cartwheel flip...yes, in her wedding dress!!

Jaime and Troy First Dance
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Jaime and Troy's reception went by so quickly, but when you're having a good time, that's what happens. They wanted to do a "sparkler send-off" at 11:00, but they all were having so much fun, they all continued to dance until 11:30, then we went outside to send them off.

It was now time to tear down, pack up, and head back to town. I started to tear down my equipment, while everyone else that was still there was taking down decor and cleaning up the center. Jaime came back inside and thanked me for everything I did and told me that my service deserved a 10 out of 10 stars! She was very happy with me and I was so happy to have been her DJ.

Wedding Reception Sparkler Send-off

The following Monday she left this review on Facebook:

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Thank you again, Jaime and Troy, for choosing The DJ Music System for your wedding ceremony and reception! I wish you two the very best in your new lives together as husband and wife!!