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Congratulations to Katie and Lance!!  Back in March, right before COVID-19 started making major changes to all of our 2020 plans, Katie contacted me to find out more about The DJ Music System.  We exchanged a few emails and she was sure she wanted to book me as her DJ!!  At the time, none of us knew that there were going to be so many restrictions on public events, so it was planning as usual.

Fast forward not much further from her booking my DJ service, we were all informed that weddings and other events could not happen.  In my many years of doing weddings, I had never seen anything like this, never imagined that something would stop weddings and/or public events!  One-by-one, brides were contacting me with heartbreaking messages that they were going to have to cancel or postpone their wedding dates.  The only thing we could really do was wait this out and see what would happen next and how soon events would be allowed to happen again.

Throughout the spring and early summer, it was odd to be home on the weekends, as it's always the time when I'm out somewhere DJing a wedding.  I couldn't wait to get back out and being a part of weddings!!  Thankfully when August arrived, we were able to start having weddings again.  Yes, we saw some changes with restrictions, BUT weddings were happening again!!!

I met with Katie and Lance at the Scotts Bluff Country Club a few days before their wedding to go over the plans, setup, and other details.  I could tell they were so happy that they got to have their wedding.  We did the rehearsal the night before and then their wedding day was perfect!

It was a beautiful August day, the sun was shining and the friends, family, and guests were so excited for these two amazing people to tie the knot!  Speaking of family, it was great to see some of my relatives at this wedding...and some of my friends, too!!

Heidi Barnes with Heidi Barnes Photography was their photographer and it's always nice when I get to work with her as we talk a lot about pictures, cameras, editing, etc., and I am always thankful for the advice she gives me on taking better pictures.

From the ceremony to the first dance, cake, dinner, toasts, and dancing, it was such a fun celebration and I was honored to be a part of their wedding day.  With weddings back in full swing at this time, I felt such a joy announcing their grand introduction, taking and playing requests, capturing moments in pictures, and then finally wrapping up the night with the last song of the night and seeing all the happy faces.

Thank you, Katie and Lance, for choosing The DJ Music System for your wedding ceremony and reception.  I wish you two the very best in your new lives together as husband and wife!!