Krystal Steve Wedding Monument Shadows Golf Course Gering Nebraska

Krystal and Steve's Wedding - 05/16/2021, Hotel 21 and Monument Shadows Golf course, Gering, Nebraska.

I've known Krystal for about 2 years, since it was 2 years ago that her Maid of Honor, Stephanie, had her wedding at the Weborg 21 Centre, where Krystal was her Maid of Honor, where I was the DJ.  Wow, that sounds a lot more complicated than it really was. 🙂

Steve propose to Krystal and since I'm friends with Krystal on Facebook, I saw the video and was very happy for them.  Not long after, Krystal contacted me to see if I could be their photographer, since Stephanie recommended me.  Stephanie was very impressed with the pictures I captured at her reception, so she was happy to tell Krystal to get a hold of me and see what I could do for their wedding.

Being a DJ is the main part of my business, but as many people know, I love taking pictures, too!!  After a few messages back and forth with Krystal, we put a plan together for their wedding and I was excited to be their photographer!

Their wedding day quickly arrived and they had a wonderful wedding ceremony at the beautiful Hotel 21 in Gering, Nebraska.  After the ceremony, they had a reception at the Monument Shadows Golf course.  I took pictures throughout all of it and they were so amazing to work with and I was thrilled to be their photographer.

I wish Krystal and Steve the very best!!

Here are some of their wedding pictures that I captured on their wedding day!