Miranda Matthew Wedding Nebraska The DJ Music System Gary Uhrich

Congrats to Miranda and Matthew!!

What do you do when you're planning your wedding day on THE biggest day of the year??  You plan your wedding and book your vendors over a year in advance!  That's exactly what Miranda did with her and Matt's wedding.

It was in July 2019 (way before anyone of us ever heard the words COVID or coronavirus) that Miranda contacted me to see if her date was available and what I could as a DJ for their wedding.  We exchanged some emails and even though the venue where she was going to have her reception at was still up in the air, she was ready to book The DJ Music System for her wedding!

Miranda and Matthew were living in Montana at the time, so planning a wedding long distance wedding presented a few challenges, but I assured her that I'm local and can help her with any local connections she might need.  I've done this for other couples who either live on the east side of Nebraska or states away and it makes their planning much easier and I'm always happy to help.

Miranda was truly wonderful to work with throughout the planning process and she was always quick with her email responses and I enjoyed working with her from day 1 all the way through her wedding day.

The day before their wedding, we all met at the Scotts Bluff County Fairgrounds for the rehearsal.  Even though, it was October, it was a beautiful day and it gave us a good idea of how the following day was going to look and feel for their wedding.  The next day, it was a little windy outside, but the sun was shining, it was warm and there wasn't any snow at all...and if you're from Nebraska, you know that is big risk in October.  However, this was an amazing day for an amazing couple in western Nebraska!!

After the "I do's" were said, it was time for some pictures with Samantha Alvizar with Samantha Alvizar Photography.  I've worked with Samantha at other weddings, but it had been about 10 months since I had worked a wedding with her, so it was great to see her again.  They also had a videographer there getting many moments captured on video, too!

The wedding party returned to Sandford Hall a little earlier than planned, which was helpful, so we could get the grand introduction done, first dance, cake cut, and guests through the dinner line earlier than what we had on our planner.  The speeches/toasts went longer than normal since many of the wedding party had some wonderful words to say to the newlyweds.  Then it was time for the father/daughter and mother/son dance.

After these special moments, it was time to invite the guests to the dance floor, which we kicked off with a "snowball" dance, a married couples countdown dance, bouquet toss, garter auction, and lots of dancing all the way until the end of the night.

I could have been at any wedding on 10/10/2020, and believe me, I had call after call, email after email, message after message, from other couples wanting to see if I was available for their wedding.  Please don't misunderstand this, as I'm not bragging, I simply bring this up because it honestly was the biggest day of the year with the sequence of the numbers.  All the DJs and photographers I know and spoke with about this date ALL said they were booked with a wedding.  I normally can reach out to a few DJs when I'm already booked and help connect them to someone else, but this date was definitely a tough date to find someone available...and I was so happy that I was available for Miranda and Matthew.

Thank you so much Miranda and Matthew for contacting me so early and choosing The DJ Music System for your wedding ceremony and reception.  It was an honor to be your DJ and I had a blast celebrating with you, your families, friends, and guests!!  I wish you two the very best in your new lives together as husband and wife!