2020 Weddings

So many couples scheduled, planned, and were excited for their weddings this year. Then, the word we are all tired of hearing...coronavirus...happened. I've been working weddings for many years and have NEVER seen something like this happen with weddings and events.

I had couples who booked me for their March, April, and May weddings, only to have to contact me and let me know they needed to postpone or change their dates. I could feel the frustration and heartbreak in their messages and emails to me. However, this situation was beyond control for all of us. Brides and grooms have been searching, questioning, struggling, rescheduling, re-thinking, etc. with their weddings.

One thing that we can all agree on is that the COVID situation impacted us all in one way or another. Take, for example, even a person who doesn't go out a lot, doesn't watch sports, doesn't go to bars, is a germaphobe, compulsive hand-washer, etc., was affected...the person I'm describing here is ME. Yes, believe it or not, the example I just gave describes me...and I was affected by this situation. I was so excited when March finally was here, and between my DJ service and working at the Weborg 21 Centre, I was ready to work, celebrate with couples, be out in the public playing tunes, bringing light shows, taking requests, taking pictures, and having a blast partying with people. Normally, when March rolls around, the year starts to pick up with proms and weddings and then gets even busier as the year goes on, but this was not the case this year.

On a positive note...

Let's shift gears now and be positive. People sometimes call me Captain Positivity, and I'm good with that because I do try to see the positive in situations...even in a situation in like what we've all been in this year.
If you are a bride or groom who had a wedding planned this year and had to postpone your date, you have MANY options, believe it or not! Yes, most Saturdays (and some Fridays) are already booked up for the year with venues and vendors for weddings, but there are other days during the week that you can have your wedding on...it doesn't just have to be Friday or Saturday. When most people (guests included!) take time off to be in or at a wedding, some of those days are during the week.

Think outside of the Friday box or Saturday box. Consider having your wedding on a different day during the week. Not only will this be very unique for your wedding, BUT you might also get some pretty sweet discounts from vendors and venues if you have your wedding on a Monday, Tuesday, and the days go on from there.

Here are some examples:

Ceremony Sunday

Matrimony Monday (or Marriage Monday)

Tie-The-Knot Tuesday

Wedding Wednesday

Through The Aisle Thursday

Work on contacting and rescheduling TODAY!

Contact some vendors and venues and see what dates they have available, see what kind of deals you can get. While you're doing this, I would recommend having your wedding ceremony and/or reception indoors. This way, at least you can plan on an enclosed building to protect you from any rain or storms that could happen at your wedding. I know those beautiful summer and fall weddings you see on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media look so amazing, but do you really want to risk an outdoor wedding after you've already had to reschedule your wedding date?

Once this COVID situation is over, you, your families, friends, and guests are going to be ready to party. There are some amazing days ahead of us and we will get there...and when we do, let's party!!

Want to see if I have your date available for your wedding? Have wedding questions? Need some help and advice? Contact me and let's chat!!