HOW DO I RESERVE YOUR DJ SERVICE FOR MY EVENT AND HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE?  Contact us to see if we are available for your event, if we are, we can "temporarily" reserve your date for 10 days, send a contract, information about our DJ service, and an order of events form to you. After you receive the packet of info, fill out the contract, sign and return it to us with a non-refundable $350 deposit, and your event date will be "officially" reserved. The $350 deposit will be applied to the balance due and full payment must be paid 30 days prior to the contracted dance date (For example: if your reserved date is August 30th, the final balance due will need to be paid by July 30th).
Our rates vary depending on each event, hours, location, etc. We don't post rates because not every event is the same. We know every wedding budget varies. We have expanded what we offer to give our customers some pricing options to help fit their budgets. Once we have an opportunity to visit with you by phone or email, we will put together some price quotes for you.

HOW SOON SHOULD WE RESERVE OUR EVENT DATE?  As soon as possible. No, it's not a sales pitch to get you to reserve your event with us quicker, it's honestly better to reserve your date ASAP to ensure that you get your date reserved with The DJ Music System. Throughout our years in the DJ business, we have had many dates reserved several months in advance, and then had to tell several other customers that called for the same date "sorry, we are actually already booked on that date." All event dates are on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. It's never too early to reserve your event with us, even if it's many months away to over a year away.

WHAT IF SOMETHING COMES UP AND I NEED TO CHANGE MY DATE?  We've worked with many customers over the years and know that sometimes life happens and dates need to be changed.  Should you need to change your date, simply contact The DJ Music System to let us know and we will be glad to see if we have your rescheduled date available.  If we are available on your rescheduled date, you will need to pay an additional, non-refundable $250.00 deposit to secure the new date.  That deposit and your deposit for the previous date will both be applied to the remaining balance due.  We do our best to work with clients and their dates, but please understand that when a date gets reserved, we do have other clients who ask us about the same date, and we have to tell them that we already booked and generally refer them to another DJ.  Then when that date gets canceled or rescheduled, we lose a booking for that date since all the other clients were told that we were already booked.  Should the second/rescheduled date get canceled, as well, then we end up losing out on two dates.  We appreciate your understanding of this policy and if you have any other questions about it, please let us know.  Thank you!

WHO WILL BE OUR DJ AND HOW MUCH EXPERIENCE DO YOU HAVE?  I, Gary Uhrich, will be your DJ. Many people know and/or refer to me as "The Fabulous Gary U." I have many years of mobile DJ experience and have DJed many events in Scottsbluff & Gering and surrounding areas. I worked in radio broadcasting for 22 years and was on the award-winning morning show "Cami and Gary In The Morning" on KOZY 101.3 and Sunny 99.3 that won the Star Herald's Reader's Choice Award for Favorite Radio Personalities 3 years in a row! Since 2001 I have owned and operated The DJ Music System and I stay in contact with other DJs throughout neighboring states to continually research ideas & experiences to better serve my customers.

I've DJed hundreds of wedding receptions, events, and dances and I consistently stay up-to-date with today's music! As a mobile DJ, I know it is vital to be experienced in what songs are new & popular, and what songs people enjoy dancing to, and I always "read" the crowd to know what they enjoy dancing to the most!! And yes, I take requests at every event!  With The DJ Music System, you'll have a DJ that's professional, friendly & experienced!

WILL YOU BE THE EMCEE FOR OUR EVENT?  Absolutely, and at NO extra charge!

WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU HAVE?  We have a wide variety of music; Oldies, Country, Rock, Top 40, Hip Hop, Popular Dance Favorites like the YMCA, Chicken Dance, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, the Wobble, and more! We have MANY hits from the '50s to today.

WE'VE NEVER PLANNED A WEDDING BEFORE, CAN YOU HELP US?  Yes, we will be glad to talk with you about your wedding and offer ideas and suggestions to make your planning easier. Whether you already have a good idea of what you want your wedding to be like or even if you aren't sure where to start, put our years of experience to work for your wedding!

CAN WE DISCUSS WITH YOU WHAT WE WANT (OR DON'T WANT) TO TAKE PLACE DURING OUR EVENT/RECEPTION?  Yes. We want you to be happy with our DJ service, we gladly talk with our customers about everything, from what kind of music you want to be played to what events need to take place during your dance.  Your visions and dreams of what you want your wedding to be like are very important to us.  We want to work with you to make those visions and dreams come true.  When you hire The DJ Music System for your wedding, you are getting much more than someone who will play songs at your wedding.  You will have someone who has worked many years at weddings and has the experience and professionalism that your big day deserves!

CAN WE GIVE YOU A LIST OF SONGS TO PLAY AT OUR RECEPTION?   Yes, you are welcome to send us a list for your event! Maybe you have some requests that are sentimental or special to you.  Feel free to provide us a list of those songs, but please keep your "must play" list short & leave enough room for guests' requests and some great songs that we can play as we read the crowd and play songs that fill the dance floor with guests.

DO YOU PROVIDE REFERENCES?  Yes, just ask, and we'll provide names and contact info. You can even contact some of the local venues (like the Weborg 21 Centre, Hampton Inn, Scottsbluff Country Club, and the Gering Civic Center for example) in the meantime, and ask them about our DJ service.  You can also read many reviews on our Customer Reviews page.

DO YOU BRING BACKUP EQUIPMENT?  Yes. Not only for YOUR peace of mind but ours, too.

DOES YOUR DJ SERVICE INCLUDE LIGHTS?  Yes! All of the packages we offer include dance lighting. We bring many bright, colorful dance lights to all our events! Whether you want some simple, basic dance lighting or our full setup of dance lights, we will be glad to bring them to your event.

WHAT IS "UPLIGHTING" AND/OR CAN WE HAVE UPLIGHTING AT OUR EVENT?  Uplighting is one of the amazing features we offer that really adds a "WOW" factor to events. Uplights are safe L.E.D. lights that are placed on the floor and light up walls/ceilings and have several different colors to choose from. Yes, you do have the option to add uplighting to your event. Please note, uplighting is not included in our quote for DJ service. Uplighting is an "option" that is available at an extra cost. The DJ Music System has no hidden fees or surprises. Some customers want uplighting and some may not need it, and it does take extra time and equipment to set up these extra lights, so we charge a little extra if you would like them at your event.

Wedding decor, uplighting, dance floor.  The DJ Music System, DJ Gary Uhrich.  Wedding Reception.

WHAT IF WE DON'T WANT/NEED DANCE LIGHTING?  Occasionally we will have a customer not want/need dance lighting.  While this isn't as common, we can omit the dance lighting from the package (and offer you a lower rate) and simply bring our sound system(s).

WHAT KIND OF SOUND AND LIGHT EQUIPMENT DO YOU USE? We use modern, professional sound and lighting - the kind that is designed for DJs. Our lights supply the dance floor with plenty of light - lights that produce beams, patterns, designs, flashes and more all to the beat of the music...and we go the extra mile in adding our own effects to the lights. We offer our full setup of dance lights, or if you don't need as much dance lighting, we have a smaller lighting setup and Uplighting.

DO YOU HAVE A WIRELESS MICROPHONE? Yes. We DO have wireless microphones that you and your guests are welcome to use for, ceremonies, toasts, announcements and more.

HOW MUCH SPACE DO YOU NEED FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT? We need a minimum of 12' x 10' of space and 7 feet high. If the area you select for us to set up is smaller than these dimensions (or has other items close by, like chairs, tables, etc. that prevent us from being able to set up like we normally do), we will do our best to change our standard set up to provide the best set up for the space provided.

WE ARE HAVING A SCHOOL DANCE, DO YOU PLAY THE CLEAN VERSIONS OF SONGS? Yes. Most of the songs we have in our music library are the "clean/edited" versions.  However, we take extra caution with school dances, even if we have a clean version of the song and the school requests that we only play school appropriate music, we will be glad to omit a few requests if we feel that they aren't appropriate to play at a school function.

DO YOU DO OFFICE HOLIDAY/CHRISTMAS PARTIES? Yes! We will be glad to provide you and your employees a fun evening of some Christmas/Holiday music while you enjoy a company dinner. Then when you are ready to dance, we'll turn on our dance lights and play a great mix of music for everyone to dance to, like country, rock, top 40, hip hop and so much more! It's an excellent way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and celebrate the special time of year.

CAN YOU PLAY MUSIC AND PROVIDE THE SOUND FOR OUR CEREMONY? Yes or maybe no...depending on where your ceremony is going to be held. Generally, when we do the sound and music for a ceremony, it's all in the same location as the reception.  We also have a smaller portable sound system that we use for outdoor ceremonies. Contact us about your ceremony and we'll be glad to see what we can do for you and your wedding!

MY EVENT/RECEPTION IS GOING TO BE OUTSIDE...DO YOU DO OUTDOOR EVENTS? No. The reason we don't do outdoor events is simply that the weather is too unpredictable and can change very quickly. For our safety and the protection of our equipment, we ONLY DJ events that are held inside an enclosed building, with the exception of outdoor ceremonies using our smaller portable sound system.

CAN YOU PROVIDE MUSIC FOR OUR OUTDOOR COCKTAIL HOUR? Yes, with our smaller portable sound system, we can add music to your cocktail hour!  Adding music during this time of the afternoon/evening provides songs for you and your guests to enjoy while everyone gets ready for the reception!  Please ask us for more details.

DO YOU ACCEPT PAYMENT BY BANK OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD? Yes. We take these payments through Zelle.

I HAVE A QUESTION THAT I DON'T SEE LISTED HERE.  HOW DO I CONTACT YOU? You can call or text us at (308) 641-6052, email us at [email protected], or visit our Facebook page and message us: