Gallery of wedding photos and memorable moments.

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Sharing pictures from weddings and events!

Why do I take pictures in addition to being a DJ?  I love taking, editing, and uploading/posting pictures from events where I was the DJ.  I had a bride message me years ago thanking me for taking pictures at her reception.  She told me "these pictures simply wouldn't exist had you not been there taking them."  I think of this message many times as I take and edit pictures, besides, who wouldn't want extra pictures from their wedding?

Yes, you most likely have a photographer hired for your wedding, and something I highly recommend.  However, with The DJ Music System, I'll be there taking extra pictures for you!

I also have some videos available that I recorded at some weddings available on The DJ Music System Facebook page.  Click the links below to see the videos.

DJ Music System Video 1

DJ Music System Video 2

DJ Music System Video 3

See more of Gary's pictures on Facebook.