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Congrats to Kassandra and Miclo!

September started off with a back-to-back wedding weekend.  The night before, it was Kimberly and Brandon's reception, then after it wrapped up, we "flipped" (as we say) the Weborg 21 Centre for Kassandra and Miclo's wedding.  Two things about working at the Weborg 21 Centre, we are dedicated to making events special and beautiful, and we work a lot of late night hours.  It's common on the weekends for us to still be working at 3 a.m. either cleaning from the night before and/or cleaning and decorating the next event for that day.

After a fun reception the night before, I was ready on Saturday, September 5th, to celebrate the next wedding!  W21 looked amazing and we all enjoyed their special day.  It was a beautiful ceremony and exciting reception!

The wedding cake and cupcakes were made by Carianne with Cloud 9 CaKery and Brooke Juma with Brooke Juma Photography was there taking pictures of their wedding.

After the grand introduction and dinner, it was time to toast the newlyweds.  Almost everyone in the wedding party gave a speech and it was probably one of the longest toast/speech moments I've ever witnessed at a reception, but that only goes to show how much this couple means to the wedding party!  Then it was time to dance!!  Special dances, lots of requests, and so much fun filled their reception.

Thank you Kassandra and Miclo for choosing The DJ Music System for your wedding.  I wish you two the very best!!