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Whitney and Spencer's Wedding Reception, October 26th, 2019, Scottsbluff Country Club.

Spencer originally sent a message to The DJ Music System's Facebook page back in June 2019 since he saw me at Adam and Hannah Schlotthauer's wedding and thought I "did an amazing job!"  From seeing how I DJ, emcee, and handle the events at a wedding, he wanted to take the initiative and contact me about his and Whitney's reception.

After exchanging a few messages to check on the date and get an idea of how much I charge, he had Whitney email me to talk more.  Whitney mentioned to me the styles of music they wanted and gave me a general idea of what they envisioned their reception to be like.  I sent some price quote options for them and about a week later, they contacted me to let me know they were ready to book their date with The DJ Music System!!

Fast forward a few months later, we were just a few weeks away from their big day and Whitney wanted to meet with me and go over their plans.  We met with Nancy at the Scotts Bluff Country Club and talked about the events of the evening and where I would be setting up.

I've done many receptions at the country club over the years and consistently set up in the same corner, which works great since there are plenty of outlets for me to plug in my equipment.  However, they wanted to have me set up in a different location for this one.  One of my great DJ friends, Don from Projekt 3D, was at the country club the week before and they had him set up where I was going to set up, as well.  I had seen pictures on Facebook of where Projekt 3D set up, so I had a good idea of what my set up would look like there.  I gotta say, this was a nice change and I had a better view of seeing everything throughout the reception.  Plus, it was closer to the door, so unloading and loading went a little quicker, too!

The reception was here and it was time to celebrate!  We started off with a grand introduction of the wedding party and then right to their first dance.

Scottsbluff Wedding DJ Service, Gary Uhrich, The DJ Music System, DJ for Weddings, Bride and Groom

After their first dance together as husband and wife, it was time for dinner!  They wanted each table to be released by song.  Each table had a card on it when the song title and artist.  So, I mentioned that everyone needs to look for that card on their table and be listening for when that song plays, and then that means their table is next to go through the food line.  The unique thing about the songs were that they were all old school, classic love songs.  During the dinner I saw who was going through the food line and noticed that I knew many of the guests there, and yes, Hannah and Adam were there, along with some other couples I knew.

After dinner, it was on to toasting the newlyweds and cutting the cake, then it was time for the shoe game, father/daughter and mother/son dances...and then I invited everyone else to the dance floor.  They were a great group of people to entertain and packed the dance floor right away and kept on dancing all the way to the last song of the night!

Everyone had so much fun and I was so glad to have been their DJ.  Thank you, Whitney and Spencer, for choosing The DJ Music System as your choice DJ service for your reception.  I wish you two the very best in your new lives together as husband and wife!