2023 Weddings

Here we are at the beginning of a new year and in my experience, THIS is the time of year when lots of couples are booking their venue, DJ, photographer, and other vendors for their weddings.  I’ve been receiving many messages, emails, and calls for upcoming weddings this year and 2024 weddings, too!  I already have many dates throughout 2023 booked up with weddings, but there are some dates throughout the year that are still available.  If you are needing to book a DJ for your wedding, I recommend contacting me now.

Book now or later?

Waiting to book or taking too long to decide can decrease your chance of getting the DJ service you want at your wedding.  In my years of working weddings and bookings, I’ve had clients reach out to me just a few days too late or in some cases just minutes too late. 

I had two recent future brides who are planning their 2023 weddings get a hold of me literally 3 days too late since I just booked those same dates 3 days prior to them reaching out to me.  Another bride emailed me a while ago who was ready to book me as her DJ since she had seen me at previous weddings and loved what I did as a DJ at those weddings, only to find out she was a week too late in booking her wedding.  I had another client book the same date a week prior and the second bride told me that she was “heartbroken” that I couldn’t be her DJ.  Two years ago, a bride missed out on booking me by 45 minutes, since 45 minutes before she contacted me, I had another bride confirm that she was going to book her date with my DJ service.  I mention all of this not to cause panic or worry, by any means, I simply bring this up to help clients get a better chance at availability.  If you need to book a DJ for your wedding, I highly recommend calling around now. 

Looking forward to celebrating with my clients!!

Before we know it, the colder weather will be gone, spring, summer, and fall will be here and we will be seeing lots of couples tying the knot and partying on their wedding day!  I absolutely love being a part of weddings and celebrating with my clients.  From playing a variety of music to taking pictures and videos to remember it by, and seeing how much fun they and all of their families and friends having on the dance floor.  It's going to be so much fun again this year!!

Help with your wedding plans!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with wedding plans and need some help?  That’s what I’m here for, too!  It’s common for couples to book a DJ and that’s really all they get is a DJ who plays music.  However, many of my clients either know or quickly find out that with The DJ Music System, they actually get lots of help, advice, suggestions, and ideas for their weddings and I help make all those plans much easier.  I also have lots of connections in the wedding business, so if you need to find a photographer, a venue, a cake/cupcake maker/bakery, and other vendors, too, I can help provide you with some contacts for those vendors!  All of this makes for easier planning, and after all, you’re planning one of the biggest days in your life so any extra local help will make your planning more productive and fun!!

Contact me today, see if I’m available, and let’s talk about your wedding!


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