As many of my customers know, I enjoy photography.  Taking pictures at events, capturing special and candid moments, and going the extra mile with images is something I love doing!!  However, I've wanted to branch out into video, too.  So, I've been recording video at lots of events and found a program that works well with editing my videos.

Just like with photos, editing videos takes a long time.  The 4 or 5 minute video you watch may take an afternoon or entire evening for me to edit.  Compiling some of the best moments, editing out the parts in between those moments, and watching and re-watching each video I've recorded to see what I want to include, plus timing everything out does consume a lot of time.  To me, it's totally worth it!!

One thing that is important to me is that the videos I edit and share are high quality and professional looking videos.  They actually end up being too large of files for me to add to my website.  So, the easiest way for me to share them with all of you is on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some Facebook links to some of my recent videos from weddings and events where I was the DJ.

Paige and Austin's Reception Video

Chelsie and Michael's Reception Video

Chelsie and Michael's Reception Video 2

Anna and Bryce's Reception Video

Jenny and John's Reception Video

Abby and Aaron's Reception Video

Cassie and Grant's Reception Video

Taylor and Ryan's Reception Video

Anna and Bryce's Reception Video

Enjoy watching all the special and fun moments in the videos, and if you haven't been to an event or wedding where I was the DJ, I hope these videos give you a better and positively realistic view of what events and weddings are like when you hire The DJ Music System!