Wedding Reception First Dance Gering Nebraska

Ally and Cody's reception was a blast!!  And I had a really good feeling it was going to be just that.  Ally contacting me on The DJ Music System Facebook page back in January of this year to see if I was available for their reception.  I was happy to let her know that I was available.  Both Ally and Cody were at Zac and Ashleigh's wedding I DJed at the Weborg 21 Centre back in August 2020 and they loved everything I did at that reception, so they knew that I was the DJ they wanted for their reception.

We chatted on Facebook messenger for a short time and then they were ready to set up a meeting in early February.  We set a date to meet and go over their plans.  Nature decided to throw us a snow storm that day, but they were off work and were determined to meet with me and it was worth the snowy drive to the Gering Civic Center.  We went over their plans and they booked me that day!

They both were a true joy to work with and I was looking forward to their wedding day.  It arrived before we knew it and the Gering Civic Center was full of happy guests that were ready to celebrate!  I knew a lot of the guests there - everything from relatives of mine to previous brides and grooms from weddings where I was their DJ, to friends, and I went to school with and graduated with Ally's mom!

They had me booked for 7 hours that night and it all went by so quickly, which is always a good sign that everyone was having so much fun!!  It all started with a very fun introduction of the wedding party where Ally and Cody gave me some hilarious and not-quite-so-true things to say about each couple that entered.  There were so many laughs as I read each one of them!!

We enjoyed a special slideshow video, cupcakes, a delicious meal, toasts/speeches, special dances, and lots and lots of dancing!  Plus, there was even a moment when Cody put on a cowboy hat and got out a lasso!!

The party went all the way until midnight and I couldn't have been happier with the way it all turned out that night.  I took a lot of pictures and you can see some highlights below.

Thank you again to Ally and Cody for choosing The DJ Music System for your wedding reception.  It was an honor to be your DJ!!