Heather Dan Wedding, Weborg 21 Centre, Gering, The DJ Music System, Scottsbluff, Nebraska, January Wedding, 2020 Wedding

Heather and Dan's Wedding Ceremony and Reception, January 10th, 2020, Weborg 21 Centre, Gering, Nebraska.

I met Heather sometime in the fall of 2018 at an event at the Weborg 21 Centre.  She works for Lisa Weborg and was helping out at an event we had at the centre and we both were bartending that night.  Since then, I've worked with her a time or two at events and back in late 2019 she contacted me to see how I could help with her wedding.  She mentioned that her wedding was going to be very low key and simply wanted to find out how to put together a playlist for her wedding that she could use.  However, not long after she mentioned this, she actually decided to hire me for her DJ and do all the music for both their ceremony and reception!!  Plus, there aren't a lot of weddings that take place in January, so it was great to do another wedding when I wasn't planning on one...and it was the perfect way to kick off 2020 weddings!

We emailed each other and put together some plans, music, etc. that would work best for her wedding.  I am so glad that she decided to book The DJ Music System, as we all had so much fun at their wedding.  I knew a lot of the guests and they kept the request list filled, but more on that later.  Our staff at Weborgs decorated room C for their ceremony with our new circle arch, along with some draping and church pews and chairs for the families and guests to sit on during the ceremony.

We set up the reception in room B with a unique table arrangement and the day before her wedding when we were setting the tables, Heather showed up at Weborgs and helped us with plates, silverware, etc., which was very helpful and very nice of her to do!

January 10th was here, and it was time to celebrate!  Their ceremony started right on time and it was wonderful, plus the officiant had a few humorous things to say during their vows, which the bride and groom didn't know about, and the families and guests enjoyed the humor.  There were also the special words and moments throughout, as well.  They were announced as "Mr. and Mrs." and then it was time to party!!

We enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared and served by the Weborg 21 Centre staff, then it was time for the cake, toasts, and dancing.  I received a ton of requests from the guests and played them one-by-one, as quick as time would allow and they were loving hearing and dancing to their requests.  We were going to wrap up at 9:00, but since everyone was having so much fun, we went another hour, and then another, and then another!!  Yes, it went all the way until midnight!

Fun Fact: This was the FIRST 2020 wedding at the Weborg 21 Centre and one of the guests (and one of the best friends of the bride) was Shelby, who was the FIRST bride to have her wedding at Weborgs back in 2015 when the centre opened!!  And yes, The DJ Music System was the DJ service for both weddings, too.  🙂

I want to bring up a side note here, since I mentioned requests and extra hours.  I was reading a "wedding planner" publication a few years back and one of the articles was talking about saving money on your wedding by simply making your own playlist and just having one of your guests run the playlist INSTEAD of hiring a DJ.  As you can understand, this was an article that I saw so many problems with and lots of red flags within the article for those that decide to have an iPod wedding, instead of hiring a pro.  I'll talk more about my thoughts on this in another separate blog, but I bring this up, because Heather made the BEST decision and hired a DJ for her wedding!  This not only took away a ton of unnecessary stress, but also added a ton of fun with me handling all the emcee work and instantly loaded up the requests in real time as the guests told me what they wanted to hear.

This wedding was truly memorable, fun, and I was glad to have been a part of it.  Thank you, Heather and Dan, for choosing The DJ Music System for your wedding ceremony and reception.  It was an honor to be a part of your big day and I wish you two the very best!!