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Jada and Jacob's Wedding Ceremony and Reception, 12/21/2019, Weborg 21 Centre, Gering, Nebraska.

I met Jada at the Weddings with Weborg 21 Event back in February 2019.  Not long after the event, she booked her wedding with The DJ Music System!

December was a busy month at the Weborg 21 Centre and we were servicing Christmas parties and decorating weddings!  We also added some church pews and a new circular arch as options for weddings and used both at Jada and Jacob's wedding (and also at Austin and Jason's wedding).

We had their rehearsal on Friday afternoon and then then next day we all were there to celebrate their big day!  Jada selected some great songs for both the ceremony and reception.  I knew A LOT of people at their wedding from previous weddings where I was the DJ.

From the grand introduction to the dinner, toasts, cake, and special dances to the dance for everyone, it was such a fun night and went by so quickly.  As I mentioned, I knew many of the guests so I was quite sure they were going to be a fun group of people to entertain and they definitely were a blast!

Special dances, group/line dances, popular hits, today's music, some disco and classic rock were what they were requesting and what kept the dance floor packed all the way until the end of the night.

Thank you, Jada and Jacob, for choosing The DJ Music System for your wedding.  I wish you two the very best!