Platte Valley Bank Christmas Party, December 14th, 2019, Gering Civic Center, Gering, Nebraska.

Ron from the PVC Casper, WY branch sent me an email after a recommendation from Amy at the local branch to inquire about my DJ service for their Christmas party.  We exchanged a few emails and talked about what they were needing and what I could provide for them.  Not long after, they were ready to book their party with me.

This was a really fun and friendly group of people and I was glad to have been their DJ.  There were over 400 people at the party since they had all of their branches from Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado at the event.  It was particularly a special party for the Casper branch since they were celebrating 10 years.  So, the theme was a spin on Tinsel Town, which they were calling "TENsel Town."

The Meat Shoppe/Gering Civic Center prepared and served a delicious prime rib and shrimp dinner for the guests, which was followed by a few words from some of the employees, some games and gifts, plus a speech from Ron and Hod, then it was time to get jiggy with it!  Yes, when Hod wrapped up his speech, he said it was "time to get jiggy with it" (not something I expected, but so much fun!!) and also mentioned the Macarena would get everyone out on the dance floor.  So, I quickly loaded up the Macarena then Gettin' Jiggy With It right after.  The employees loved it and the dance was off to a fantastic start!!

During the planning process leading up to their party, Ron sent me an email asking if I could somehow incorporate the number 10 into the event or play songs with the number 10 in it.  I really couldn't think of songs that mention the number 10, so I did some research and brainstorming.  I love to come up with ideas and/or provide help to all of my customers.  I searched for songs with the number 10, but there really aren't many.

During my brainstorming, I came up with an idea.  An idea that they really liked and then on the night of their party, it was, I believe, the best idea to add something special to their event.  What was my idea?  The idea was to have the Casper branch send me 10 song requests that I would play (kind of like a countdown) starting at 10:00 p.m.  Ron sent me the 10 songs along with who requested it.  It was a hit!!  Starting at 10:00 p.m. I began announcing the songs one after another and who requested it.  This group was already dancing throughout the 9:00 hour, but the party really took off during the Casper requests!!

It was mentioned to me at some point that their parties normally don't go all the way until midnight and that generally they wrap up earlier, but they did want to book me until midnight...and it's a great thing they did because this group was having so much fun that they stayed all the way until midnight, and a some stayed even later after the party was over and the music was done playing.

When the night wrapped up, I had one of the employees come up to me and told me that he has been coming to their parties for the past 23 years and never saw people stay all the way until midnight!  Ron was also impressed with my performance and music selection that kept them there that late.

Thank you, Ron, Hod, Amy, and everyone at Platte Valley Companies for choosing The DJ Music System for your Christmas party!  Please keep me in mind for your 2020 party, too!